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Fact Sheet provides important information on Galilee Basin


As an industry, it is important that we work together to voice our support for the opening of the Galilee Basin and share with the wider community the facts on what benefits the work in the Galilee will bring to our region.

We must be informed, be proud of our world class resources and practices, educate others and stand up for our industry.

To assist you to do this, Resource Industry Network has joined with other regional industry groups as well as the Queensland Resources Council to produce a fact sheet.

The fact sheet highlights the Adani Carmichael Mine, Rail and Port Projects, Employment and the Supply Chain, Abbot Pt Terminal and key facts in relation to dredging.

It also looks at the bigger picture in regards to global energy poverty and the demand for coal, as well as the future of resources.

We encourage you to print out this fact sheet for your office and staff rooms and share it with your colleagues and friends. Resource Industry Network works hard behind the scenes to ensure our sector's voice continues to be heard, but we all have a role to play in ensuring the whole community supports the project so we can feel the economic benefits returned to our region.

Galilee Basin Factsheet Galilee Basin Factsheet (583 KB)