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Industry body reiterates need for balanced and informed approach


Resource Industry Network has reiterated its point that environmental management and the resources sector can, and must, co-exist following the announcement by Environment Minister Greg Hunt that he would reconsider dredge spoil from Abbot Point being dumped inside the Great Barrier Reef.

Resource Industry Network General Manager Julie Boyd said it was essential that the Government act decisively in order to ensure the best outcome in the interests of everyone.

“The decisions being made are being watched closely by international investors. Carmichael Mine has been seen as a positive step following the downturn in the sector. To see this delayed, or possibly stopped, would be detrimental to this region.

“We understand that this is about the environment and people very rightly care passionately about the future of the reef and our environment as a whole. But this is also about people’s livelihoods. It’s about jobs, businesses, and in the bigger picture it’s about infrastructure and the future growth of our state.

“It is absolutely paramount that a balanced and informed decision, based on the facts, be made soon,” Ms Boyd said.

Mr Hunt announced on Tuesday (2 Sept) that he will reconsider the dumping of dredge spoil inside the Great Barrier Reef and look at a land based option.

Mr Hunt said that North Queensland Bulk Ports, GVK Hancock and Adani Group would re–submit a proposal for his consideration.

He said the land based option would be considered on the basis of federal environmental laws.

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