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MEMBER STORY I Queensland first, SEW-EURODRIVE facility equipped to handle complete drive assemblies


Queensland first, SEW-EURODRIVE facility equipped to handle complete drive assemblies 

In March this year, SEW-EURODRIVE opened its 2,000sqm service centre with heavy industry in mind and a commitment to the Mackay region. Until their arrival, there had never previously been a load testing facility in Queensland capable of handling a full load testing of a large industrial unit.

Not only is the Paget based centre the first and only facility capable of testing complete drive assemblies in Queensland, it’s the newest of only two in Australia by a decade. SEW-EURODRIVE’s service portfolio is impressive and includes a state-of-the-art load test stand for power ratings up to 500kW and torques up to 600,000Nm. The centre also offers spin testing and partial load tests up to 1.5MW.

Previously, gearbox users had no choice but to ship unit’s interstate or settle for refurbished drives that hadn’t been fully load tested. For those in the know, a conveyor drive head installation is an expensive exercise and with shut down costs, getting it right the first time is important. Not only are there the cost factors involved, but the last thing any gearbox owner wants is to place a unit into production to find it’s not up to the job.

Load testing before delivery to site is critical to avoid unnecessary costs and future delays. If a defect is identified during a load test, it is generally relatively inexpensive to rectify the fault prior to delivery. A load test provides a controlled environment in which vibration frequencies of interest can be elevated and captured. Most of the defects that can be detected this way cannot be observed by the naked eye, but have the potential to develop over time, leading to premature failure and unplanned stoppages. Load testing helps to mitigate risk and provides the customer with reassurance that the equipment is fit-for-purpose and ready for redeployment into service.

There are a wide range of defects that can be detected using Vibration Analysis under load conditions, including mechanical looseness, misalignment, gear tooth and bearing defects. 
Daniel Dallari, Sales & Operations Manager for Far North Queensland, said “having this facility right here in the heart of Mackay is not only a huge asset for SEW-EURODRIVE, but for local businesses that require gearbox testing.

“Previously, owners would have to ship out of area and if there were any problems to arise, they’d be managed from a distance. Having the testing here in town, owners can drop by our centre and we’ll work through the process with them. They can trust we’ll do the job locally, to schedule and save as much downtown as possible”.

SEW-EURDODRIVE, 9-11 Silverton Court, Paget - www.sew-eurodrive.com.au    Contact: Daniel Dallari, Sales & Operations Manager for Far North Queensland daniel.dallari@sew-eurodrive.com.au, 0418 540 304