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Resource Industry Network encourages members to be an active voice for our industry and region


The following statement has been compiled by the Board of the Resource Industry Network on behalf of its members.

Resources sector and environmental management can co-exist with balanced approach and scientific facts.

There would not be many people in our region who would not be aware of the pressure on the mining and resources industry and the effect that has had on our community, either directly or indirectly.

As our local businesses adjust following a significant investment boom, low commodity prices and a high Australian dollar are placing significant pressure on companies to keep their doors open and further negativity on new projects and expansions will only compound that pressure.

The ongoing global negative focus by conservationists on mining are a constant threat to not just jobs in this region, but to the industry and economy as a whole.

Conservationists regularly present misleading and unfounded information to elicit emotional support for the anti-mining cause, pulling on the heart-strings of individuals and even countries to garner support.

These activists unashamedly aim to “disrupt and delay key projects and infrastructure while gradually eroding public and political support for the industry and continually building the power of the movement to win more” (Stopping the Coal Export Boom, 2011, p3).

Resource Industry Network members are locals who live in this region and who are concerned about their families’ future, jobs, our community and the environment.

We have called on our members to not remain a silent majority. We have asked them to actively support our industry by presenting a balanced facts-based viewpoint about the industry.

We support the Queensland Resource Council in its balanced approach, using scientific evidence, to prove that the resources sector and long-term environmental management can co-exist. We ask the public to visit the Queensland Government’s Reef Facts website at www.reeffacts.qld.gov.au in order to develop its own opinion.

We acknowledge that alternative energy and the use of new technologies is the way of the future. But this will not happen overnight.

The rest of the world, via UNESCO, holds the fate of the Great Barrier Reef in its hands. The listing of the Great Barrier Reef as In Danger will be devastating for our tourism industry, our economy and our reputation. Should our economy suffer? Should we shoulder the entire burden of the oceans’ health?  

Queensland’s mines cover less than 1% of the state’s land mass and on a global scale our coal exports represent less than 5% of total production. Yet the industry contributes $5.6 billion to the Mackay region economy alone, and is the major employer of our region (8,820 direct employees and 67,075 indirect employees).

Our Government spends millions of dollars protecting the reef and our environment each year and is dedicated to ensuring best practice by setting the strictest of conditions.

Our coal exports will also help to pull millions of the world’s poorest people in India and China out of abject poverty by supplying them with electricity.

It is essential that we work together to get the facts right and ensure the future remains strong in our region.

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