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09-Feb-2018 Media release issued today at 12:30pm

The Resource Industry Network (RIN) has expressed its disappointment with recent comments made by Labor Government MPs this week who came out demanding financial proof and project progress reports from Galilee Basin mining investors Adani.
RIN director Mick Crowe said the organisation was concerned about the impacts this commentary had on the region stating a lack of job security and uncertainty would stifle opportunities in the Galilee Basin.

“This region is undeniably a mining region with a mining economy, and to continue to thrive, the industry needs large scale investment.
“Our politicians need to be finding ways to encourage investment and supporting people who are willing to spend their money creating jobs here.
“The Galilee can generate a new basin with thousands of jobs and 30-40 years of benefit to Central Queensland, Queensland and Australia.”
Mr Crowe added that there were real people, working on rail design, infrastructure design right now and had been for years.
“To put timelines on how long we want people to invest in paying their wages, and to question the commitment of global companies who have already invested billions of dollars here is an attack on existing jobs and future jobs. It degrades Australia as an investment destination and puts our futures at risk.
“Mining is a fundamental part of the Australian economy and a critical part of Central Queensland and our people need a voice and representation by our political leaders as much as any southern states or interest groups.”

Mr Crowe said RIN and other industry bodies needed to use their influence to ensure all levels of government understood the fundamental role of the mining industry on our economy, as well as highlight the fact that Australian mining operations are world leaders in environmental management and successfully replacing lower grade coal in the world market, delivering lower emission targets.