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153 Boundary Road, Ooralea, Mackay Qld
PO Box 5606 Mackay MC Qld 4741

WH&S Group Meeting

Date: Friday 26th Oct

Where: Jubilee Community Centre (old Mackay Library) Alfred Street

Time: 7.00am

Cost: FREE

Description: Please note there has been a change of venue for the WH&S Group meetings.  We are going to use the new MRC community rooms (the old library at Alfred St).

Please note – the main entrance to the meeting room will be from the side. Please refer to the image below. There is a ramp and entrance beside the tree in this image, a screen will show the name of the business (RIN) and the room number, please press the corresponding number and someone will come and open the door for you.

Should you have any concerns and or are lost please do not hesitate to contact Shannon on 0457 524 184 or Adrienne on 0409 494 866


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