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Resource Industry Network provides a number of initiative groups for all their members.

WH&S Group

The Workplace Health and Safety Group (WH&S) aims to support great safety leadership and behaviour within the Resource Industry Network membership base to ensure that employees are safer and fewer injuries occur in the workplace.

This will be achieved by:

  • Influencing industry to make the workplace safer
  • Provide tools and information for companies to achieve practical safety outcomes on a daily basis
  • Provide mentoring and networking to Resource Industry Network members
  • Provide guidance for companies who want to get up to a minimum safety standard
  • Be recognised as an industry body with a positive influence to other industry bodies
  • Ensuring to educate member’s as to the ‘intent & why’ of great safety in the workplace
  • Drive great safety behaviour within the membership base

A key initiative of the WH&S Group is the Safety Conference which was successful held in annually in March.

The WH&S Group is chaired by G&S Engineering CEO Mick Crowe. 

International Trade Committee

The Resource Industry Network International Trade Committee was established in 2003 (then known as the Export Group) with the aim of supporting local businesses to expand their products into the international market.

The recent demand from the Bowen Basin has focused local businesses on local markets. This has seen the development of innovative products and services from member companies that have the potential to be sold into international markets.

Exporting will provide a company with prospects for growth in profits and competitiveness. The Australian market is open to international forces so if a company is successful in Australia there is a good chance the product or service will meet international competition.

Resource Industry Network’s International Trade Committee objectives are to:

  • Increase awareness of opportunities existing overseas to Resource Industry Network members
  • Assist member’s to ‘future proof’ their business by exporting and not place full reliance on local markets
  • Provide members of the group access to experienced mentors
  • Enable member’s to participate in trade missions overseas with experienced exporters to investigate the market
  • Networking with other Resource Industry Network members who are both new, and experienced exporters
  • Provide support to participants including identiļ¬cation of risks associated with international trade
  • Facilitate opportunities to meet Trade Commissioners
  • Promote the regions image and capability to the international market
  • Provide first level information on projects and business opportunities overseas
  • Facilitate functions/events to host visiting international delegates

If you are interested in participating please contact Resource Industry Network on (07) 4952 4184.


Defence Group

The committee, chaired by RIN Deputy Chair David Hartigan, will operate along the lines of our Export Group, with the aim of supporting local businesses to expand their products into and connect with the Defence Sector. RIN has been working for some time to further promote our region's strengths in this area and the synergies we share with the manufacture of defence machinery.