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Resources Centre of Excellence

Resources Industry Network (RIN) in partnership with Mackay Regional Council (MRC) is building a Mackay based Resources Centre of Excellence, following $3.6M funding commitment from the Queensland State Government.

Two key components of the Resources Centre of Excellence are:
1. An Underground Mining Simulated Training Facility (UMSTF);
2. An integrated approach to bringing together the various resources related training and research facilities and services currently available in the region.

The Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday region is home to 34 operating coal mines and the region is one of the largest Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) hubs in Australia. The Resources Centre of Excellence will be an important nexus between research, education and the resources industry and allow our region to capture value from the significant expertise that currently exists within our region.

The Resources Centre of Excellence is expected to be a collaborative partnership that brings together the current and proposed facilities in the region including, but not limited to:
- Central Queensland University’s (CQU) Engineering Trade Training Facility;
- CQU’s Robotics and Mechatronics Facility;
- Health and Safety Centre – including the GP super clinic and JCU’s proposed Black Lung Centre of Excellence;
- Research & Development Incubators;
- Registered Training Organisations;
- A new Underground Mining Simulated Training Facility (UMSTF).

Other stakeholders supportive of this project are Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3) and Regional Development Australia (Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday).

Underground Mining Simulated Training Facility
The UMSTF is proposed to be the physical centre for the Centre of Excellence and is based off a Brisbane facility that was previously owned and operated by a local listed mining services company.

That facility was used primarily to train staff during the mining “boom”, however attracted the attention of other industry participants domestically and internationally whilst it was in operation.

The Underground Mining Simulated Training Facility is expected to attract a number of end users including:
- Registered Training Organisations (RTOs), Labour Companies, Contractors and Mining Companies – Blue collar skills and introduction to mining;
- Universities, Statutory Organisations, Legislators and Regulators – High end training and certification;
- Schools and Community Groups – Industry profiling and educational site tours;
- Universities, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), METS companies and Suppliers – Research and development;
- OEMs, METS Companies and Suppliers – Product testing/promotion;
- International Partners and Universities – International training.


Complete the survey to ensure a world-class facility is delivered

The State Government has committed $3.6 million from the Jobs and Regional Growth Fund for a Resources Centre of Excellence (RCoE) in Mackay. The concept of the centre is to bring together research, technology development, education, training and testing of personnel, and equipment testing, and showcase our region as a world leader in the resources sector. To ensure a world-class facility is delivered, Aurecon is currently conducting preliminary works on the project and seeking input into its inclusions. Those working in the mining industry are encouraged to participate in a survey to provide feedback, in particular the barriers to training and testing at mine sites, on the possible functions and operational nature of the RCoE.