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November 20, 2017

The next stage of the E4E program will provide a series of activities to be rolled out in the first half of 2018, targeted at both employers and female employees. Activities include toolkits, workshops, courses, coaching and mentoring programs. 

Upcoming courses and workshops below:

Leadership Coaching for women STEM Careers and Leadership

Approaching a Career in STEM Course

Diversity Workshops

        Equation for Equity (E4E) – Women in STEM Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday

Resource Industry Network has been awarded a grant from the Australian Government to deliver a program that will address the gender gap in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) careers across our region.

E4E-MIW (Equation for Equity – Mackay, Isaac, Whitsunday) is aimed at addressing the underrepresentation of girls and women in the resources sector, STEM and leadership activities and careers through a range of activities such as:

  • Baseline Regional Research to develop an accurate understanding of the challenges and opportunities across our region;
  • Development and implementation of a Toolkit to support workplaces to address issues faced by women in STEM careers and leadership;
  • Courses to enhance the long-term retention of women entering into STEM careers;
  • Coaching to support the retention and progression of women in STEM careers and leadership; and
  • Using mentors, media and events to attract women into STEM careers and leadership.

The E4E Project is being delivered with the support of with The Life Approach – a company aimed at supporting girls and women in regional areas.

Some of the Project Objectives include:

  • Increasing the number of women entering and remaining in STEM fields, research and entrepreneurship in MIW;
  • Helping reduce the incidences of women leaving STEM career and study paths;
  • Supporting women to set foundations for success in STEM study and career paths through an intensive mentoring and coaching program;
  • Encouraging women in leadership positions across a range of industries and public roles;
  • Encouraging innovation and research at a local level; and
  • Exposing the wide range of STEM career opportunities to young people in the community.

The project has received funding and support from the Australian Government’s Department of Industry, Innovation and Science as part of their Women in STEM and Entrepreneurship (WISE) program.

To stay informed of the activities and initiatives that will be undertaken as part of the E4E project – please register your details here.

For more information on this project please email admin@resourceindustrynetwork.com.au or info@thelifeapproach.com.au