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MSIC Cards

Maritime Security Identification Cards (MSIC)

MSIC is a nationally consistent identification card, which allows work to be carried out in a maritime and/or offshore security zone. It meets the minimum security requirements to allow a holder to be unmonitored within a maritime security zone.                                          

What is a MSIC?

The MSIC is a nationally consistent identification card which confirms that the holder has met the minimum background checking requirements to work in a maritime and/or offshore security zone. A MSIC is not an access control card, and possession of a MSIC does not provide the right of entry to any facility within a maritime security zone. Access to maritime security zones is managed by the Maritime Industry Participant (MIP), or facility operator.

What are maritime security zones?

Maritime security zones are areas within regulated ports, around and on board regulated Australian ships, which have additional security requirements, as defined by the Maritime Transport Security and Offshore Facilities Act 2003. The MSIC will also cover security zones on offshore oil and gas facilities.


How do I know if I will need a MSIC?

If you require unmonitored access within a maritime security zone you will require a MSIC.  Please be aware that an application for a MSIC card does not provide the right of entry to any facility.

If you are unsure as to whether or not you require an MSIC please contact your employer or the facility that you will be entering.*Please note that you will not be able to apply for an MSIC card without a letter of operational need from your employer.


What is the cost of a MSIC through Resource Industry Network?

The prices charged by Resource Industry Network for MSIC Applications are as seen below:

Provisional (For people under the age of 18) - $200 inc. GST
2 years –  $270 inc. GST
4 years –  $480 inc. GST

Replacement Card - $150 inc. GST

Any RIN financial member who purchases more than 40 x 4-year cards per year receives a discounted rate of $420 per card on all of the 4-year cards.

Payment by credit/debit card ONLY at the time of appointment unless otherwise arranged.


How to complete a MSIC Application?

Resource Industry Network is an authorised Issuing body facilitated through the Port of Brisbane. Please be aware that we only have a limited number of appointments available each week therefore we are not always able to offer an appointment at short notice. 

All applicants must attend and appointment in person. Bookings are essential and can be made via emailing msicmky@resourceindustrynetwork.org.au or by phoning (07) 4952 4184. There can be up to a two week wait for appointments. All appointments are conducted at our office, Building 58, 153 Boundary Road Ooralea (on the CQUniversity grounds, drive way on Boundary Road). 

MSIC Requirements PDF

MSIC Requirements MSIC Requirements (377 KB)


What documents will I be required to fill in or provide at the time of my MSIC appointment?

Port of Brisbane online MSIC awareness training  

All applicants must complete the Port Of Brisbane online MSIC awareness training prior to the appointment. Please CLICK HERE to complete the online induction via the Port of Brisbane website.

Please note that the online induction does require you to recall the last 10 years of your residencies.  


Letter of Operational Need

All applicants need to provide a Letter of Operational Need. This letter must be written by the employer to state why the applicant requires a MSIC Card. Please note the letter must contain the applicant's full name and job title.

Download the template for this here 

MSIC Letter of Operational Needs Template MSIC Letter of Operational Needs Template (24 KB)



You will need to complete and sign your application, which will be done at the time of your appointment and you must provide proof of identity.


A minimum of three (3) Identification documents are required (one of each from category A, B and C)  A category D document is only required if the category A, B or C does not display proof of a current residential address.

Category A: The start of your identity in Australia

Australian Birth Certificate - Original Only - NO Birth Extracts, Commemorative Birth Certificates or Certified copies will be accepted

Australian citizenship Certificate

Australian Visa - Current Work Visa / Resident Visa Label will be accepted – Must be presented with supporting foreign passport (supporting passport may be expired but must be original) 

Immi Cards

Category B: Link between the identity and person by means of photo and signature 

** This is a Government-issued document (must be different to category A). Must contain applicants photo and signature and be current and valid **

Drivers licence – If current address is NOT provided on the drivers licence please provide category D identification

Proof of age card

Passport - all passports in category B must be valid

Australian photo Firearm licence

Australian photo security licence

Category C: Evidence of person operating in the community with their identity

Medicare card

Credit card or bank card

Marriage Certificate / Divorce Certificate / Change of Name Certificate

Current MSIC Card

Australian photo Security licence

Category D: Evidence of current residential address

** Only required if categories A, B or C do not contain the current residential address. Documents must be less than 6 months old **

Utility Bill

Property lease or rental agreement

Taxation notice

Rates notice

Motor Vehicle Registration

Financial Institute statement


Please supply the original documents to prove legal change of name. A full paper trail of changes of names needs to be provided.



Frequently Asked Questions

What Background Checks will I undergo?

The background check is a two-part process. It involves:

  • A criminal history background check by the Australian Federal Police (AFP)
  • A security assessment conducted by the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO)

How long will my application take?

Applications can take anywhere from 2-6 weeks to become approved. Once approved you will receive an email from the Port Of Brisbane notifying you of your approval.

A few days after you receive this email you will receive a text message informing you that your card is now available to collect.

Where do I collect my MSIC card from?

Cards can be collected from Resource Industry Network within the stated Business Trading Hours. Cards will not be posted out and only the card holder will be permitted to collect the card and sign for the card in person.

How long do I have to collect my MSIC card?

Cards will remain with Resource Industry Network for 6 months after the signing date on your application. If MSIC cards have not been collected within a 6 month period, the card will be cancelled by the Port Of Brisbane and a new application will need to be made.

What to do if your MSIC card has been Lost or Stolen?

To apply for a replacement card you will need to complete the following;

  • Make a new appointment to process your replacement card application
  • Complete a Statutory Declaration form signed by a justice of the peace stating that you have lost your MSIC card. If your MSIC card has been stolen, your statutory declaration must contain the police report number as well.

    Stat Dec - MSIC Stat Dec - MSIC (193 KB)

  • Additionally you will need to provide a new Letter of Operational Need from your employer
  • You will be required to supply the 3 forms of identification again;
  • You will also be required to have a new photo taken for your card

How to change your name on your MSIC card?

If you have had a change of name, you are required to have this name change reflected on your MSIC card. You will be required to apply for a replacement card and will need to complete the following;

  • Make a new appointment to process your replacement card application
  • You will be required to show full proof of identity again;
Original Birth Certificate or Passport (Australian and New Zealand passports must be valid. All other passports must be valid)
Valid Drivers Licence
  • Provide full change of name documentation eg: Change of Name Certificate / Marriage Certificate / Divorce Certificate (must provide full paper trail of name)
  • Additionally you will need to provide a new Letter Of Operational Need from your employer
  • You will also be required to have a new photo taken for your card

Recruitment Personnel

Should you be in a position where you are required to inform new personnel about their MSIC requirements please download this comprehensive MSIC Requirements PDF to keep on file or email to your employee. 

MSIC Requirements MSIC Requirements (377 KB)