International In-Market Study 

Why now is the right time to consider export as a business diversification strategy

The Mackay, Isaac and Whitsunday (MIW) Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) Export Hub engaged CRU Consulting to complete a study into the international METS markets as part of the ongoing development of the Hub's Export Strategy.

CRU Consulting conducted research analysis on international METS markets as part of ongoing development of the MIW METS Hub’s Export Strategy and Implementation Plan. CRU began this work in November 2020 and initially identified a shortlist of target markets to focus on for the remainder of the study.

Following discussions with the MIW team and other relevant stakeholders, three target markets were selected - Canada, Chile, and Indonesia. The report focuses on three existing strengths of the region to be leveraged in the Export Strategy, namely bulk material handling, automation robotics, and innovative sensor devices and data analysis tools.

The International In Market Study outlines the need to diversify your business and why now is the right time to consider export as a means to doing this. The study also:

  • Identified key markets that align with the regions strengths;
  • Surveyed key players from each of the markets to identify the types of products and services they require; and
  • ​Outlined the best entry strategies for these markets.

Coupled with the MIW METS Capability Analysis and Supply Chain Mapping report, we continue to build a Regional Export Marketing Strategy that will provide a roadmap for the future of METS export in the Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday region. For more information about the the MIW SME Export Hub, contact Dean Kirkwood HERE.



Earlier this year, the Export Hub hosted the launch of the International Market Study, which was sponsored by METS Ignited, we we talked to participants about the strategy and how it wouldassist in getting businesses to a position where they were successfully exporting from the region.