RIN Committees

Resource Industry Network (RIN) has established several working group committees to help connect, develop and promote a range of areas in the mining and resources services sector including a Career Opportunity Equity and Diversity (COED) Committee, a Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Committee, a Skills Attraction and Retention Committee, and a Renewable Energy Skills Training Committee.

RIN member companies interested in joining the committees are encouraged to contact Sonia Andersen, RIN's membership marketing and projects manager, at sonia@rin.org.au or 0419 413 787.



The Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) committee is an active group of like-minded Resource Industry Network (RIN) members dedicated to advancing physical and psychological safety leadership, safety practices, and safety culture throughout the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday and Bowen Basin Central Queensland regions.

The HSE Committee supports safety leadership and behaviours within the Resource Industry Network membership base to ensure that employees are safer and fewer injuries occur in the workplace.

RIN is proud to host the region’s only HSE working group which provides an organised, real-world and useful platform for our members, industry representatives and local regulators to come together and discuss strategies with a wide variety of companies while supporting members with problem-solving and up-to-date practical solutions.

The HSE committee is responsible for contributing to the annual Safety Conference. Other regional events involving the HSE committee include RUOK Day, Toolbox Talks or workshops, and the Queensland Government’s Safe Work Month each October.

If you’re interested in the employer or employee rights and responsibilities regarding health and safety (whether physical, mental or emotional)  to avoid workplace injury or illness while adhering to obligations and legislation, join the HSE committee. Open to RIN members, the HSE committee is chaired by Mark Johnston, the Technical Director from PIMS Group.

Chair: Mark Johnston



Initiated and facilitated by Resource Industry Network, the Career Opportunity, Equity and Diversity (COED) Committee was established as a result of overwhelming feedback received from the 2018 International Women's Day Business Lunch event.

This dynamic committee group is for those working in the local engineering, mining and resources sector to facilitate opportunities and create connections among businesses to build a committed community working towards improving equity, inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

This group’s aim is to:

  • Employment: Contribute to creating better working opportunities, which leads to growth in employment in the region.
  • Education, Mentoring and Training: Provision of and access to education, mentoring and training to students, employees and businesses regarding career opportunities and progression.
  • Collaboration: Liaise with like-minded groups across the region to grow the committee in terms of diversity, inclusiveness, and attendance.
  • Research and Performance: Continue to gather and share information on issues, opportunities, and material in this space.
  • Marketing: Promote awareness of the Committee's purpose, activities, and relevance to the sector and region.

Chair: Tamara Hage



The Mackay Skills Attraction and Retention Committee was formed to address the local skills shortage by driving research and opportunities for luring highly skilled workers to the region, including from overseas.

For example, the committee investigates impediments and opportunities to working visas with industry and businesses alike.

The committee maintains a learning and development focus to address any skill gaps in the sector, including training and educational initiatives for a range of service providers.

Chair: Teona Cousin



The Mackay Isaac Whitsunday Renewable Energy Skills and Training Committee brings together local industry, university and vocational training providers, registered training organisations, relevant representatives from government, industry bodies and other regional stakeholders.

This working group develops an action plan to prepare the Mining Equipment, Technology, and Services (METS) sector to deliver the skills required to construct, operate, and maintain renewable projects in the Mackay Isaac Whitsunday region.

Chair: Tim Magoffin