Thinking of joining the export masterclass? By the end of this series you will attain a completed market entry plan, led by international trade specialists.

Mackay-based businesses wanting to export, are currently exporting, or successfully exporting, and would like to enter a new market and/or build their export capabilities, are encouraged to attend the "improved and upgraded" export capability masterclass.
Kicking off on March 26, Queensland based business located within the Mackay Regional Council local government area are eligible to participate.

Designed as a fundamental introduction to expanding your business globally, delve into topics such as market selection, export marketing, legal agreements, competitive pricing, market penetration strategies, international business planning, and more.
In the masterclass series, explore real-life case studies and achieve a "high success rate" like previous participants.
Course Subsidy - Thanks to support from Mackay Regional Council and Trade Investment Queensland, access to the 2024 export masterclass is highly subsidised. Normally $3,000 - NOW only $500 ex GST per business (allowance for 2 people per business) 

Masterclass Outline:
1.    Introduction to Growing a Global Business
2.    How to Select the Right Market
3.    Export Marketing and Preparing to Visit the Market
4.    Legal Contract
5.    Going to Market - Competitive Pricing for the Services Sector
6.    Export/International Business Plan

Have you considered exporting for your local business?
In today's interconnected world, exporting presents an incredible opportunity for local businesses to expand their horizons. The masterclass equips participants with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate the complexities of international trade quickly and successfully.
🌍 Expanding into international markets enables local businesses to broaden their customer base beyond domestic borders. By venturing into global markets, businesses can decrease reliance on the local economy and minimize risks linked to fluctuations in domestic demand.
🌍 Opportunities for augmented sales and revenue frequently arise in international markets. Venturing into new territories can grant access to expansive customer segments, heightened demand, and potentially enhanced profit margins, ultimately fostering overall revenue growth for the business.


Here's what you can expect from the export capability masterclass...
✅ Expert Guidance: Learn from seasoned professionals and industry experts who will guide you through every step of the export process.
✅ Tailored Strategies: Learn to develop customised export strategies tailored to your business needs and objectives.
✅ Practical Insights: Gain practical insights into market selection, export marketing, legal considerations, pricing strategies, and more.
✅ Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow participants, industry peers, and potential partners to expand your network and grow your business. 
✅ Exclusive Benefits: Enjoy subsidised access to the masterclass, thanks to the support of Mackay Regional Council and Trade Investment Queensland.

Topic Summary:
Introduction to Growing a Global Business
☑️ International business plan
☑️ Going global for the right reasons and commitment to export success
☑️ Product/service-ready checklist and review of international business template

How to Select the Right Market
🌍 How to select the right market and market research
🌍 Market Analysis
🌍 Market options and promotion
Export Marketing and Preparing to Visit the Market
📢 Marketing planning, including marketing promotion
📢 Cultural considerations, including case study of doing business in India
📢 Ensuring the company website supports the export strategy
📢 Packaging, labelling, translations
📢 Understanding the market culture

Legal Contract
⚖️ Contracts for service
⚖️ Non-disclosure agreements & non-circumvention agreements
⚖️ IP protection
Going to Market - Competitive Pricing for the Services Sector
💰 Selecting the right sales distribution channel (joint venture, direct selling) 
💰 Sales management
💰 Calculating the true cost of your service
💰 Determining market appetite and pricing accordingly


For any inquiries or to discuss any aspect of the Export Capability Masterclass starting on 26 March 2024, please reach out to Dean Kirkwood, General Manager of RIN, at



For more information, please contact METS Export Hub - MIW, Dean Kirkwood at or by calling 0447 399 402.