Looking to improve your prospects in the export world? The MIW METS Export Hub is conducting an Export Ready Course for businesses in the Mackay-Isaac-Whitsunday region. The course operates throughout the year at various times and is delivered in four ways.

1. Export Council of Australia’s Growing a Global Business On-Line Course: This course will cover everything you need to know in order to successfully take your business global.
2. Mentoring provided by experienced Export Council of Australia course presenter:  This experienced presenter will relate the online information back to local examples. In this case, Australian METS businesses exporting to the world. The presenter will also use this time with participants to build an export business plan. 
3. Export Council of Australia’s handbook: This is an invaluable tool for any business that is looking to export, or is currently exporting, and will be a good back-up tool for participants while completing the online course. 
4. Promoting your Business in the Digital Age workshop: A vital part of the face-to-face Export Ready Course is developing and delivering your business pitch.  The business landscape has changed dramatically in the past few months but businesses still have to find a way of creating awareness of their products and turning that into sales. We have engaged leading presenter Andrew Klein to deliver the workshops. 

COST: $220 including GST per participant (normally $2200)

(The course is limited to 10 participants so register your interest today)

This course is available thanks to funding assistance from the Local Buying Foundation. 

For more information, please contact MIW METS Export Hub Manager Dean Kirkwood at dean@resourceindustrynetwork.org.au or by calling 0447 399 402.