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Industry Matters - a column by Resource Industry Network (April 22, 2022)

For the wealth that’s generated from this region’s resources industry, you would think the return on investment was a given.

But we’re not talking solely about more infrastructure, hospitals, and schools. The local resources community, including its supply chain, take pride in contributing to the economic prosperity of the country and helping fund health, education, law and order, and roads, through billions in royalties.

What we are talking about is supporting the mining supply chain through programs, incentives, funding, or similar, that reflects the importance of their contributions in keeping the resources sector flourishing.

Mining is the backbone of the Australian economy, but without a strong supply chain, it is at risk of faltering. As I said last week, the supply chain must receive the backing it deserves, be protected, and be incentivised by programs that encourage growth and diversification, while removing impediments to doing business.

So, our message in the lead up to the Federal Election is not to undervalue the importance of the mining supply chain or underestimate the strength of our regional voice.

Our region is innovative, resourceful, and relentless in its pursuit for a vibrant future for our families. We have demonstrated an ability to effectively influence in the past and we are equipped with the knowledge and facts to demonstrate the importance of our world-class supply chain.

METS (mining equipment and technology services) and mining are a powerful force directly contributing almost $146 billion in value added to the Australian economy and supporting almost half a million jobs.

Our innovative METS sector is also the key to delivering solutions that address Net Zero carbon emissions targets.

So as the politicians continue to pound the pavements during the next few weeks, we invite them to contact us and discuss the needs of the mining supply chain. We also invite them to come and check out some of the innovative businesses responsible for supporting the mining industry during the past couple of difficult years.

One thing they will discover is their resilience to work through the adversity, and their resolve in providing solutions to Australia’s leading export industry.

The expertise of our METS sector will be on show at our upcoming RIN Awards on May 20 where we will crown winners across seven categories including export, innovation, culture, safety, individual excellence, diversity, and community.

A night like this is a timely reminder of the sheer scope of work being undertaken by the sector, as well as their cutting-edge approach to solutions to keep our resources industry as efficient and productive possible.

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